01 juillet 2010

Jib Jab short

Last winter I had the chance to go to Canada to help a little bit Hobo Divine on a little short for Jib Jab. It's an animated birthday card. Hobo Divine made the music, the animation and designs! Watch the film here
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29 juin 2010

Amrhan na Bo from lily.b on Vimeo. Animation Credits: Designed & Directed by Lily Bernard Animation by Olivia Faliph and Timothée Lemoine Puppets Build by Benjamin Chevalier Compositing by Lily Bernard Special Thanks to Hobo Divine Produced & Developed by – Ross Murray Production Co-Ordinator – Kairen Waloch Technical Co-Ordinator – Gabor Lang Cartoon Saloon            
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25 avril 2010

Axy, the Axolotl Puppet

Here is Axy, the axolotl!!! I've made him for one of my best friend's birthday, Hobo Divine.I love puppets. So, I thought I would try to make one, and it was so much fun!!! =DHopefully, soon I'll make some more. I really would like to pitch an idea for a Tv show with puppets. (Click on the photos to enlarge) Axy scratching Whodini from lily.b on Vimeo. Axy scratching: failed! from lily.b on Vimeo.
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31 mars 2009

Internship at Zorobabel's workshops (2004)

With Alexis Poligné and some other EMCA's students we created a background and elements for the film "Histoire à la gomme", by Eric Blésin, for Zorobabel, in Brussels. Watch the full movie=> here
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30 mars 2009

2009 professional work

Amhrán na Bó, a short film for the series  Síog na Rann .See a sample here
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25 mars 2009


boite à musique (2005) from lily.b on Vimeo.
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25 mars 2009

Experimental Films

Produit02 (2005) from lily.b on Vimeo. Abduction (2005) from lily.b on Vimeo. Noctule (2005) from lily.b on Vimeo.
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